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  • Becoming ornament: an exploration of ornament as a technique for bringing the group to presentation 

    Kritzer, Jessica (2017)
    Becoming Ornament: An Exploration of Ornament as a Technique for Bringing the Group to Presentation looks at the intersection between groups and ornament. The research explores ornament as a method to engender notions of ...
  • Hurdy-gurdy: new articulations 

    Nowotnik, Piotr (2016)
    The purpose of this thesis is to expand existing literature concerning the hurdy-gurdy as a contemporary musical instrument. Notably, it addresses the lack of hurdy-gurdy literature in the context of contemporary composition ...
  • Materialising feminism: object and interval 

    Phillips, Caroline (2017)
    This practice-led research upholds a view of sexual difference as a mutable field constituted in relations between materiality, subject positions and the situated conditions of feminism. It considers multiple and different ...

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