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  • LOU IN BATH: an art practice 2000 – 2019 

    Hubbard, Lou (2019)
    LOU IN BATH is a taxonomy of materials, themes and processes—tartan, teeth, eyeballs, horses—that amplify the pattern and the emergence of a studio syntax. LOU IN BATH identifies how systems of knowledge such as ...
  • The anxiety of the relation: the image as prosthetic perception 

    Palmer, Stephen (2018)
    This project is concerned with an investigation of the image, and the technical apparatus through which it is produced, as a prosthesis. I develop a thinking of the prosthetic function of the image through a concentrated ...
  • Sculpture as activating object 

    Dahlgaard, Søren (2019)
    The practice-led project Sculpture as Activating Object, which has developed over three years, 2015-2018, investigates how a sculptural object activates a process of transformation through play. Sculpture activating describes ...

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