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    • Reframing the representation of women in contemporary China with feminism 

      Yang, Su (2019)
      Reframe the Representation of Women in Contemporary Chinese Art with Feminism investigates the representations of women from the Cultural Revolution to today. Through a practice-led thesis, the research shows how women are ...
    • The anxiety of the relation: the image as prosthetic perception 

      Palmer, Stephen (2018)
      This project is concerned with an investigation of the image, and the technical apparatus through which it is produced, as a prosthesis. I develop a thinking of the prosthetic function of the image through a concentrated ...
    • Sculpture as activating object 

      Dahlgaard, Søren (2019)
      The practice-led project Sculpture as Activating Object, which has developed over three years, 2015-2018, investigates how a sculptural object activates a process of transformation through play. Sculpture activating describes ...