Recent Submissions

  • A bond graph approach to integrative biophysical modelling 

    Pan, Michael (2019)
    A major goal of systems biology is to develop comprehensive, multi-scale mathematical models of physiological systems that integrate biological knowledge from the scale of molecules to the scale of tissues and organs. ...
  • A big data infrastructure for real-time traffic analytics on the cloud 

    Gong, Yikai (2019)
    With the increasing urbanisation occurring globally, cities are facing unprecedented challenges. One major challenge is related to traffic and the increasingly common congestion issues that arise in cities. At the same ...
  • Video surveillance based crowd activity analysis 

    Yang, Meng (2019)
    Video-based crowd motion analysis is an important problem in surveillance applications. Tasks such as identifying anomalous crowd motion patterns, finding sudden changes in the size of a crowd, event detection, and monitoring ...

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