Recent Submissions

  • Safety critical multi-agent systems 

    Liu, Ching Louis (2018)
    Artificial intelligence (AI) has come of age, especially with the rapid growth in the variety and quantity of data, together with automation in industrial and private applications, such as 3D printing and automated ...
  • Modelling and analysis of networked control systems implemented over WirelessHART 

    Maass Martinez, Alejandro Ignacio (2019)
    Recent advances in wireless networking, sensing, computing, and control are changing the way control systems exchange information. Sensor nodes attached to the physical process sample and transmit their measurements to the ...
  • Trans-barrier local magnetic actuation for robotics abdominal surgery 

    Leong, Florence Ching Ying (2018)
    The advances in surgical instruments have played a significant role in the reduction of surgical trauma on patients. The evolution of surgical applications to the current popular approaches of minimally invasive surgery ...

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