Recent Submissions

  • Non-asymptotic confidence regions for errors-in-variables systems 

    Moravej Khorasani, Masoud (2020)
    System identification deals with the problem of building mathematical models of dynamical systems based on observed data. As data has become the main source of information in many settings nowadays and models of dynamical ...
  • Towards Sensor-based Learning Analytics: A Contactless Approach 

    Srivastava, Namrata (2020)
    Learning analytics is an emerging field in which sophisticated analytic tools are used to improve students’ learning. Driven by the data from heterogeneous resources and the latest data mining techniques, learning analytics ...
  • Methods for evaluating query auto completion systems 

    Thoombayil Asokan, Unnikrishnan (2021)
    Query Auto Completion (QAC) is a feature found in search interfaces to offer a list of suggested completions to a user typing their queries in the input area. The completions appear when the user starts entering their ...

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