Recent Submissions

  • Epileptic seizures: mechanisms and forecasting 

    Karoly, Philippa Jane (2018)
    Seizure forecasting, like weather forecasting, was once considered the domain of charlatans and purveyors of science fiction. However, neuroscience has now advanced to the point of translating seizure forecasting research ...
  • The impact of multi-mappings in short read mapping 

    Oloomi, Seyed Mohammad Hossein (2018)
    Determining the DNA sequence of an organism is an essential step in many biological studies. The high-throughput DNA sequencing technologies break the DNA molecule randomly into many small fragments and determine the ...
  • Efficient algorithms for autonomous agents facing uncertainty 

    Selvaratnam, Daniel Devishtan (2018)
    This thesis considers the design and mathematical analysis of algorithms enabling autonomous agents to operate reliably in the presence of uncertainty. The algorithms are designed to preserve computational tractability, ...

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