Recent Submissions

  • Natural language processing for resource-poor languages 

    Duong, Long (2017)
    Natural language processing (NLP) aims, broadly speaking, to teach computers to understand human language. This is hard as the computer must comprehend many facets of language such as semantics, syntax, pragmatics and ...
  • Efficient orthogonal parametrisation of recurrent neural networks using householder reflections 

    Mhammedi, Zakaria (2017)
    In machine learning, Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) have been successfully used in many applications. They are particularly well suited for problems involving time-series. This is because RNNs process input sequences one ...
  • Unlocking the key to mega project delivery 

    Ryan, Peter William Joseph (2017)
    The Tier 1 contractors operating in the Australian marketplace have consistently failed to deliver their tendered financial targets on mega projects, which are defined as projects with contract values of more than $500m. ...

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