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    • Optimising the resilience of regional road networks 

      Kaviani Arani, Arash (2018)
      Human-made or natural disasters can lead to disruption in the functionally and structural integrity of transportation infrastructure. Damage imposed by natural disasters can be very detrimental to the functionality of road ...
    • Trans-barrier local magnetic actuation for robotics abdominal surgery 

      Leong, Florence Ching Ying (2018)
      The advances in surgical instruments have played a significant role in the reduction of surgical trauma on patients. The evolution of surgical applications to the current popular approaches of minimally invasive surgery ...
    • Role of ultrastructural alterations in diabetic cardiomyopathy 

      Ghosh, Shouryadipta (2019)
      Cardiomyocytes inside the heart are densely packed with parallel columns of myofibrils and mitochondria. Growing evidence indicates a strong correlation between alterations in this sub-cellular ultrastructure and the ...