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    • High-performance printable electronics for memory and neuromorphic application 

      Yong, Jason Hsien Ming (2019)
      Solution-process or printable electronics is a potentially new disruptive technology that well suited for the fabrication of low-cost, high performance and transparent electronics with superior compatibility with various ...
    • Adaptive cruise control with collision-avoidance guarantees 

      Liu, Chenyang (2018)
      An adaptive cruise control (ACC) is designed to schedule the velocity of a vehicle whilst maintaining an adequate distance to a vehicle in front. Subject to this distance requirement, the velocity control problem can show ...
    • Optimising the resilience of regional road networks 

      Kaviani Arani, Arash (2018)
      Human-made or natural disasters can lead to disruption in the functionally and structural integrity of transportation infrastructure. Damage imposed by natural disasters can be very detrimental to the functionality of road ...