Recent Submissions

  • Modelling impact actions of flying and falling objects 

    Perera, Shihara (2017)
    Building components, including roof claddings, glass facades, columns, and walls, exposed to rockfall hazard need to be designed to resist the impact actions of flying or falling objects, including hailstones, windborne ...
  • Indoor search and rescue using a 3D indoor emergency spatial model 

    Tashakkori Hashemi, Seyedeh Hosna (2017)
    Buildings are becoming a major subject of recent disasters resulting in huge amounts of casualty and damage costs for both public and emergency managers. In the context of emergency management, the Search and Rescue ...
  • Unlocking the key to mega project delivery 

    Ryan, Peter William Joseph (2017)
    The Tier 1 contractors operating in the Australian marketplace have consistently failed to deliver their tendered financial targets on mega projects, which are defined as projects with contract values of more than $500m. ...

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