Recent Submissions

  • Data quality and quantity in mobile experience sampling 

    van Berkel, Niels (2019)
    The widespread availability of technologically-advanced mobile devices has brought researchers the opportunity to observe human life in day-to-day circumstances. Rather than studying human behaviour through extensive surveys ...
  • Dynamic Symbolic Execution with Descriptive and Prescriptive Relations 

    Alatawi, Eman Mohammed (2019)
    Static analysis and systematic software testing are two fundamental techniques that aim to ensure software quality. Recently, there has been an obvious interest in exploiting the strengths of these two techniques to work ...
  • Optimal route planning for hitchhiking 

    Vedernikov, Oleksii (2019)
    In this thesis, we considered a problem of optimal route planning for hitchhikers. We formalized the hitchhiker's problem and proposed a graph-based model to represent the set of all possible travel options for a hitchhiker. ...

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