Recent Submissions

  • Explainable Reinforcement Learning Through a Causal Lens 

    Mathugama Babun Appuhamilage, Prashan Madumal (2021)
    This thesis investigates methods for explaining and understanding how and why reinforcement learning agents select actions, from a causal perspective. Understanding the behaviours, decisions and actions exhibited by ...
  • Understanding the Dynamics of Online Social Conformity 

    Wijenayake, Senuri Samalka (2021)
    Social conformity occurs when people adjust their personal opinions and behaviours to agree with contradictory perspectives of group majorities. While conformity has been established as a powerful social influence in ...
  • Robustness in Machine Translation Evaluation 

    Mathur, Nitika (2021)
    We need reliable and efficient methods to measure the quality of machine translation (MT) systems. An ideal translation is a fluent sentence in the target language that preserves the meaning of the source sentence. To what ...

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