Recent Submissions

  • Process Model Repair 

    Armas Cervantes, A (Springer, 2019)
  • Older Adults Designing Avatars for Socializing 

    Carrasco Zuffi, R (ACM Press, 2018)
    In this research I investigate the design and use of virtual avatars (full body representations of the user) among older adults over 65 years old. This research seeks to understand the avatar's designs made by older adults ...
  • A complete refinement procedure for regular separability of context-free languages 

    Gange, G; Navas, JA; Schachte, P; Sondergaard, H; Stuckey, PJ (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2016-04-25)
    Often, when analyzing the behaviour of systems modelled as context-free languages, we wish to know if two languages overlap. To this end, we present a class of semi-decision procedures for regular separability of context-free ...

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