Recent Submissions

  • Crowdsourcing lexical semantic judgements from bilingual dictionary users 

    Fothergill, Richard James (2017)
    Words can take on many meanings, and collecting and identifying example usages representative of the full variety of meanings words can take is a bottleneck to the study of lexical semantics using statistical approaches. ...
  • Anomaly detection in large evolving graphs 

    Rashidi, Lida (2017)
    Anomaly detection plays a vital role in various application domains including network intrusion detection, environmental monitoring and road traffic analysis. However a major challenge in anomaly detection is how to mine ...
  • Personalized tour recommendation using location-based social media 

    Lim, Kwan Hui (2017)
    Tourism is a popular leisure activity and an important industry, where the main task involves visiting unfamiliar Places-of-Interest (POI) in foreign cities. Recommending POIs and tour planning are challenging and ...

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