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    • Optimal route planning for hitchhiking 

      Vedernikov, Oleksii (2019)
      In this thesis, we considered a problem of optimal route planning for hitchhikers. We formalized the hitchhiker's problem and proposed a graph-based model to represent the set of all possible travel options for a hitchhiker. ...
    • Validating context-driven features of mobile applications using laboratory testing 

      Luo, Chu (2019)
      Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets now embed a variety of sensors that can provide context-driven services to increasingly large user bases. Driven by the richness of heterogeneous data and machine learning ...
    • Change Point Detection in High-Dimensional Streaming Time Series Data 

      Zameni, Masoomeh (2019)
      In the Internet of Things (IoT), data is continuously recorded from different data sources, such as sensors for monitoring purposes. Some examples of these IoT based sensing platforms are loop detector sensors employed in ...