Recent Submissions

  • The use of Membrane Technology for Vegetable Oil processing with Green Solvents 

    Abdellah, Mohamed Hussein Ali (2019)
    Utilisation of n-hexane for the extraction of vegetable oil from oilseeds presents growing concerns for the environment and human health. In spite of its high miscibility with the vegetable oil constituents, low boiling ...
  • Immobilised solvent systems for carbon capture 

    Moore, Thomas Charles Reading (2019)
    Microencapsulated solvents (MECS) are a novel approach to carbon capture, with the potential to reduce unit operation volumes by 1-2 orders of magnitude, and to allow a wide range of solvents to be contacted with a flue ...
  • Extrusion 3D-printing of functional polymers 

    Nadgorny, Milena (2018)
    Since its early introduction in the 1980s, 3D-printing has attracted considerable attention owing to its revolutionary ability to manufacture hierarchically complex structures in a simple and customable manner. With the ...

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