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    • Simulating the behaviour of skim-milk during ultrafiltration 

      Haribabu, Malavika (2019)
      Many commercial dairy products such as cheese and concentrated milk proteins are produced via ultrafiltration of skim-milk. During skim-milk ultrafiltration, a permeate stream comprising lactose, water and other minerals ...
    • Synthesis of hierarchically macro/mesoporous silica beads 

      Burger, Stephan (2018)
      Hierarchically porous materials have potential applications in energy storage and conversion, catalysis, separation and bioengineering. The hierarchically porous structure provides the material with both large quantities ...
    • Extrusion 3D-printing of functional polymers 

      Nadgorny, Milena (2018)
      Since its early introduction in the 1980s, 3D-printing has attracted considerable attention owing to its revolutionary ability to manufacture hierarchically complex structures in a simple and customable manner. With the ...