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    • Bio-nano interactions of metal-phenolic networks: the role of metals 

      Zhang, Wenjie (2019)
      Metal-phenolic networks (MPNs) hold great promise for the fabrication of multifunctional hybrid materials owing to their versatile and tunable nature. In particular, the beneficial combination of both organic and inorganic ...
    • Phage treatment of filamentous bacteria in activated sludge 

      Burger, Wilhelm (2018)
      The activated sludge process is one of the most commonly used wastewater treatment processes, which consists of a biochemical stage (aeration basin) and physical separation (secondary clarifier). The successful operation ...
    • Simulating the behaviour of skim-milk during ultrafiltration 

      Haribabu, Malavika (2019)
      Many commercial dairy products such as cheese and concentrated milk proteins are produced via ultrafiltration of skim-milk. During skim-milk ultrafiltration, a permeate stream comprising lactose, water and other minerals ...