Recent Submissions

  • Vortex ring and rotor wake interaction with solid surfaces 

    Bourne, Kate (2017)
    The interaction between vortex structures and solid surfaces represents an inherently complex flow environment. When considering the rotor wake downwash generated by rotary-wing aircraft operating in close proximity to the ...
  • Numerical simulation of turbulent flows over rough surfaces 

    Turbulent flows over roughness are ubiquitous in engineering and geophysical applications, however their study is limited by the expense of laboratory experiments and conventional direct numerical simulations (DNS). In ...
  • The structure and scaling of rough-wall turbulent boundary layers 

    Squire, Dougal Thomas (2017)
    Turbulent wall layers are a pervasive and influential feature in nature and engineering; common examples include the atmospheric and benthic layer, boundary layers developing on aerial, marine and terrestrial vehicles, and ...

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