Recent Submissions

  • Modelling, analysis and control of multi-link cable-driven manipulators 

    Eden, Jonathan Paul (2018)
    Cable-driven parallel robots (CDPRs) form a class of robotic manipulator in which the actuation is transmitted through cables. Due to the unique characteristics and advantages of cable transmission, CDPRs have become ...
  • Impact of nitric oxide on autoignition of hydrocarbon fuels 

    Chen, Zhongyuan (2018)
    Autoignition is a critical process in combustion engines, and can be significantly affected by trace species inside the cylinder. Nitric oxide (NO) commonly exists inside engine cylinders as part of the residual gas or ...
  • On the analysis of interaction between decision variables 

    Sun, Yuan (2017)
    Many real-world design and decision-making problems are characterized by the interactions between decision variables. In engineering optimization problems, the effects of one input variable on the performance measure may ...

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