Recent Submissions

  • Geometric properties of streamlines in turbulent wall-flows 

    Perven, Rina (2019)
    Streamline geometry has been studied in case of turbulent wall flows. Complex but coherent motions form and rapidly evolve within wall-bounded turbulent flows. Research over the past two decades broadly indicates that the ...
  • Methods for profling heterogeneous sequencing data 

    Herath Mudiyanselage, Damayanthi Kumari Herath (2019)
    Metagenomics which utilises high throughput DNA sequencing is widely applied to study bacteria and viruses and their effects on their host environments. Metagenomics involves collective sequencing of genetic material of ...
  • Robust Object Manipulation for Fully-Actuated Robotic Hands 

    Shaw Cortez, Wenceslao Eric (2019)
    Object manipulation is the ability to rotate/translate an object held within a grasp. Humans have exploited this ability to effectively use tools and interact with the environment. Over the past decades, robotics research ...

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