Recent Submissions

  • An optical study of sound generation in lean premixed combustion 

    Wiseman, Samuel (2018)
    This thesis presents an experimental and theoretical study of sound generation in lean, premixed, propane-air flames. Sound generation by axisymmetric, forced, laminar flames is investigated first. The sound generated by ...
  • Instabilities of canopy flows 

    Mangalasinghe, Joel (2018)
    Canopy flow is theoretically studied using three approaches from the literature that use empirically obtained mean flows. The first approach neglects the presence of the canopy and studies the stability of the mean flow. ...
  • Disturbance attenuation in tree-structured interconnected systems 

    Zhu, Yaqi (2018)
    Tree topologies are a subset of networked systems that can be used to represent many large-scale applications ranging from transportation networks to irrigation systems. One important aspect of network design for these ...

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