Recent Submissions

  • Efficient algorithms for autonomous agents facing uncertainty 

    Selvaratnam, Daniel Devishtan (2018)
    This thesis considers the design and mathematical analysis of algorithms enabling autonomous agents to operate reliably in the presence of uncertainty. The algorithms are designed to preserve computational tractability, ...
  • Stability, robustness and switching performance of vibrational control systems 

    Cheng, Xiaoxiao (2018)
    The thesis focuses on the stability and robustness analysis of a class of vibrational control systems, which take advantages of high-frequency dithers to provide an extra design freedom. By carefully revisiting the vibrational ...
  • Big data cluster analysis and its applications 

    Rathore, Punit (2018)
    The increasing prevalence of Internet of things (IoT) technologies, smartphones, and social media services generates a huge amount of data, popularly known as ’big data’. Extracting useful information from big data is ...

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