Recent Submissions

  • Privacy-preserving machine learning and data aggregation for Internet of Things 

    Lyu, Lingjuan (2018)
    The proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices has contributed to the emergence of participatory sensing (PS) and collaborative learning (CL), where multiple participants collect and report their data to a cloud ...
  • Graphene quantum dot based electronic devices 

    Pan, Xuan (2018)
    Among all graphene derivatives, the graphene quantum dot (GQD), a fragment limited in size, or domains, of a single-layer two-dimensional graphene crystal, has been investigated with much interest by the global research ...
  • Persistent communication connectivity of multi-agent systems 

    Ju, Zhiyang (2018)
    In applications where networks of autonomous agents are employed to achieve an objective, such as accurately estimating an environmental variable or surveilling an area of interest, the agents need to communicate among ...

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