Recent Submissions

  • Advanced photonic measurement techniques for fiber optic characterization, sensing and imaging 

    Wang, Yifei (2017)
    In the past few years, coherent detection has achieved dramatic success due to adoption of powerful electronic digital signal processing (DSP). In the meantime, direct detection (DD) based optical communication systems ...
  • Operating converter interfaced microgrids 

    Kolluri, Ramachandra Rao (2016)
    Microgrids have potential applications for both developing as well as developed countries. In developed countries, microgrid deployment can help in lowering carbon-dioxide emissions and increasing resiliency of the electricity ...
  • Techniques for analysis of folding in the cerebral cortex 

    Shishegar, Rosita (2017)
    Gyrification describes the series of events through which the immature cortex develops from a smooth surface to a folded sheet. While there is considerable ongoing investigation into the biological mechanisms that underpin ...

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