Recent Submissions

  • Selected topics on massive MIMO networks 

    Sivamalai, Anand (2019)
    Massive Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) technology promises to deliver substantial gains in spectral efficiency and is set to play an important role in next generation mobile networks. This thesis examines the key ...
  • Energy efficiency of wireless network using coordinated gated narrow beams 

    Zhu, Jiazhen (2019)
    With the ever-increasing demand for wireless service and higher data rate, the wireless network has experienced an unprecedented growth worldwide in the past decade and it is expected to grow continuously. Energy efficiency ...
  • Modelling and analysis of networked control systems implemented over WirelessHART 

    Maass Martinez, Alejandro Ignacio (2019)
    Recent advances in wireless networking, sensing, computing, and control are changing the way control systems exchange information. Sensor nodes attached to the physical process sample and transmit their measurements to the ...

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