Recent Submissions

  • Wireless Communications with Low-Resolution Quantization 

    Hewa Halpage, Samiru Gayan (2020)
    Wireless communication systems with low-resolution quantization are envisioned to be a major part in future wireless communication networks because of their potential to improve the energy efficiency of the network. In ...
  • Efficient Methods for Control of Dynamical Systems 

    Pavlov, Andrei (2020)
    The thesis addresses several critical challenges in the implementation of Model Predictive Control (MPC) for online settings, with a focus on the numerical strategies employed in solving the inherent optimisation problem ...
  • Optimisation of small-cell deployment and backhaul network planning and dimensioning 

    Akhter, Ishita (2020)
    In recent years, the evolution of mobile communication has projected a tremendous growth in the capacity demand of the cellular communication network. Hence, telecommunication service operators have been researching different ...

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