Recent Submissions

  • Epileptic seizures: mechanisms and forecasting 

    Karoly, Philippa Jane (2018)
    Seizure forecasting, like weather forecasting, was once considered the domain of charlatans and purveyors of science fiction. However, neuroscience has now advanced to the point of translating seizure forecasting research ...
  • Nano-scale design of cardiovascular biomaterials 

    Karimi, Fatemeh (2018)
    Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. The development of blood-compatible biomaterials could relieve this burden by improving the performance of cardiovascular devices such assmall-diameter vascular ...
  • Acoustic beamforming analysis for wearable blind aid applications 

    Lim, Wei Shen William (2018)
    The World Health Organisation estimates 36 million are blind worldwide; in addition, 217 million have severe or moderate visual impairment. Over the past decades, there has been substantial research in alleviating blindness ...

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