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  • New insights into the redox chemistry of protein thiols 

    Ukuwela, Ashwinie Ayodhya (2017)
    Redox reactions play a crucial role in many biological processes. These include the role of Cu(II)/Cu(I) couples in enzyme reactions and that of the tripeptide glutathione (GSH) as a key redox buffer in cells via the ...
  • Environmental impacts on the use of modified mosquitoes for arbovirus control 

    Ross, Perran (2018)
    Aedes aegypti mosquitoes infected with the bacterium Wolbachia are being released throughout the tropics to control arbovirus transmission. This approach has faced challenges in some locations due to poor-performing ...
  • Mechanisms of inclusion assembly in Huntington’s disease 

    Trubetskov, Mikhail (2017)
    Formation of microscopically visible intracellular aggregates (inclusions) containing exon 1 fragments of mutant Huntingtin (mHttex1) is a hallmark of Huntington’s Disease (HD) pathology. The role of inclusions in HD ...

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