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  • Optimisation of disaster waste management systems 

    Cheng, Cheng (2018)
    The four major stages of disaster management are mitigation, preparation, response and recovery. Waste management is one of the core activities in the recovery stage and focuses on collecting, reducing or recycling, and ...
  • Flood damage assessment in urban areas 

    Hasanzadeh Nafari, Roozbeh (2018)
    Natural disaster prevention activities are attracting greater priority since prevention is more cost-effective and less uncertain than response, and aligned with the vision and mission of sustainable development. Increasing ...
  • Road space optimisation for multiclass and multimodal traffic networks 

    Asadi Bagloee, Saeed (2017)
    Traffic congestion has become a serious concern and hindrance to the prosperity of many societies. Among a variety of solutions two approaches are of significant importance: constructing new roads and bridges to ease traffic ...

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