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  • Flood damage assessment in urban areas 

    Hasanzadeh Nafari, Roozbeh (2018)
    Natural disaster prevention activities are attracting greater priority since prevention is more cost-effective and less uncertain than response, and aligned with the vision and mission of sustainable development. Increasing ...
  • Road space optimisation for multiclass and multimodal traffic networks 

    Asadi Bagloee, Saeed (2017)
    Traffic congestion has become a serious concern and hindrance to the prosperity of many societies. Among a variety of solutions two approaches are of significant importance: constructing new roads and bridges to ease traffic ...
  • Quantifying multi-scale advective hyporheic exchange through mass transfer 

    McCluskey, Alexander Heinrich (2015)
    Mixing between water from free surface flow and subsurface pore-water in the sediment bed is known as hyporheic exchange. At local scales, flushing through porous sediments purifies streamborne water and biogeochemical ...

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