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  • Ecological combustion: the atmospherics of the bushfire as choreography 

    Fensham, R (Direction Générale des Patrimoines, Ambiances Architectures Urbanités (AAU), 2020)
    This paper examines the atmospheres generated by the elemental power of bushfires as embodiment, invention and reconstruction through choreography. Drawing upon Bachelard’s analysis of the phenomenology of fire leads to ...
  • Does poverty in childhood beget poverty in adulthood in Australia? 

    Vera-Toscano, E; Wilkins, R (Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, 2020-10-01)
    Analysis of the intergenerational transmission of economic disadvantage and entrenched poverty is concerned with discovering the extent to which an individual’s socio-economic outcomes as an adult depend on the economic ...
  • The IAEA’s Role in Nuclear Security Since 2016 

    Findlay, T (Nuclear Threat Initiative, 2019-02-01)
    The paper considers the performance of the International Atomic Energy Agency following the last Nuclear Security Summit in 2016

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