Recent Submissions

  • Australian Historians and Historiography in the Courtroom 

    Josev, T (Melbourne University Law Review Association, 2020)
    This article examines the fascinating, yet often controversial, use of historians’ work and research in the courtroom. In recent times, there has been what might be described as a healthy scepticism from some Australian ...
  • Emerging Health Data Platforms: From Individual Control to Collective Data Governance 

    Kariotis, T; Ball, MP; Greshake Tzovaras, B; Dennis, S; Sahama, T; Johnston, C; Almond, H; Borda, A (Cambridge University Press, 2020)
    Health data have enormous potential to transform healthcare, health service design, research, and individual health management. However, health data collected by institutions tend to remain siloed within those institutions ...
  • Working Better with other Jurisdictions 

    Rimmer, B; Saunders, C; Crommelin, M (Australia & New Zealand School of Government, 2019)
    This research paper represents the opinion of the authors and the authors alone. It has been commissioned through ANZSOG by the Independent Review of the Australian Public Service, to inform the Review’s deliberations. ...

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