Recent Submissions

  • Privatising East Germany: Re-unification and the Politics of Real Estate 

    Gook, B (Ex-Embassy, 2018)
    ‘In our time,’ Fredric Jameson wrote in a 2015 essay, ‘all politics is about real estate.’ Jameson’s clear-eyed conclusion makes immediate sense, read from within the embassy – a patch handed to the Australian state, then ...
  • Sweet Forme (for Gregory Betts) 

    Bok, C (Apothecary Archive, 2020)
    In the ‘Bard Code Project,’ Gregory Betts has analysed and mapped the rhyme patterns within William Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets. Shakespeare has built his famous sonnets through a unique pattern of rhymes in the final syllable ...
  • The Library of Babel – Hexagonal Drawing in English 

    Bok, C (Post Position, 2020)
    'Post Hoc' is an artshow put together with generous contributions from eight writers and a baker’s dozen of artists.. There is no preset theme for 'Post Hoc,' which is prompted by the inability to secure IRL galleries and ...

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