Recent Submissions

  • Art and identity in the Age of Akhenaten 

    Clifton, Rebecca Erin (2019)
    In this thesis, I investigate expressions of identity in the art of the Amarna Period, focusing on two main areas: firstly, artistic representations of the royal family and the Aten and, secondly, artistic representations ...
  • The mattering of others and the possibility of politics 

    Nellor, Daniel (2019)
    This thesis asks how our thinking about politics might be informed by a particular approach to thinking about morality. I begin by arguing that the moral mattering of others is something that is encountered in the world, ...
  • The feeling of metaphor 

    Wood, George Matheson (2019)
    There is a tendency in analytic philosophy of language to separate a metaphor’s affective powers, often identified with its ability to make us ‘see’ things in new ways, from a conception of its meaning. This is the case ...

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