Recent Submissions

  • The mattering of others and the possibility of politics 

    Nellor, Daniel (2019)
    This thesis asks how our thinking about politics might be informed by a particular approach to thinking about morality. I begin by arguing that the moral mattering of others is something that is encountered in the world, ...
  • The feeling of metaphor 

    Wood, George Matheson (2019)
    There is a tendency in analytic philosophy of language to separate a metaphor’s affective powers, often identified with its ability to make us ‘see’ things in new ways, from a conception of its meaning. This is the case ...
  • East Greek pottery and Graeco-Anatolian mercenaries in the Southern Levant in Iron Age IIC (ca. 600 BCE) 

    Mouritz, David Mark (2018)
    This thesis questions the current scholarly consensus that East Greek mercenaries were responsible for the late seventh-century BCE East Greek pottery found in the Southern Levant. It is argued that it is possible that the ...

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