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  • A Grammar of Lakkja, South China 

    Fan, Wenjia (2019)
    This thesis proposes to present a synchronic investigation of the Lakkja language which is spoken in South China with approximately 9,000 speakers. It aims to offer a full descriptive grammar of Lakkja by observing, ...
  • Organisational Relations of Kurdish Political Parties and their Evolution 

    Patton, Scott James (2019)
    Since the separation of the Middle East after World War One, the Kurds have found themselves to be minorities spread over four states. Within each of these states – Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria – the Kurds have organically ...
  • In search of hegemony: Islamism and the state in Indonesia 

    Hakim, Luqman Nul (2019)
    In post-authoritarian Indonesia, but particularly following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Islamism has become a contentious matter of scholarly debate. The prominent accounts emerging from security and democratisation studies ...

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