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  • Essays on employment outcomes, homelessness and informal survival activities 

    Swami, Neha (2018)
    This thesis contains three independent chapters that draw on and contribute to the literature on economic and social disadvantages and labour economics. Using three independent essays, I focus on three issues related to ...
  • The distribution of the discounted claims under renewal sums 

    Zhang, Zhehao (2018)
    Amounts paid at random times occur in many financial models. This thesis studies the renewal sum of the discounted value of amounts paid over a finite or infinite time period, assuming that amounts are paid at renewal ...
  • Studies in business cycles and macroeconomics 

    Behlul, Timur (2018)
    This thesis comprises three self-contained chapters. Each chapter is linked through the common motivation of understanding fluctuations in aggregate economic activity. Sectors with higher separation rates have a larger ...

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