Recent Submissions

  • Analyst forecast and firm reporting bias 

    Meng, Yan (2019)
    This thesis investigates how the presence of an analyst affects the corporate information environment when both the analyst forecast and the manager’s report are endogenously determined. I build two stylized models in which ...
  • Empirical studies of consumer search and market power 

    Nah, Jia Sheen (2019)
    This thesis explores the interplay of search frictions and market power. In the first essay, we study how prices are negotiated between consumers and firms. In the electricity market that we study, with competitive ...
  • Input-output linkages in growth and development 

    Hu, Hang (2019)
    Do input-output linkages impact growth and development? This dissertation provides three main chapters studying the role of input-output linkages in structural change and productivity measurement. I find that (i) input-output ...

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