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  • Corporate bond market clientele 

    Manolache, Robert (2018)
    This thesis consists of two essays that explore research questions related to corporate bond market clientele. In the first essay, I examine the investment behaviour of corporate bond mutual funds, the fastest-growing ...
  • Essays on naive diversification 

    Li, Bowei (2018)
    The mean-variance model pioneered by Nobel laureate Harry Markowitz is the foundation of modern portfolio theory, and is widely applied in asset allocation and active portfolio management. However, the naive 1/N diversification ...
  • Lockup Agreements during Equity Issuance 

    Lv, Jinpeng (2017)
    Information in the equity issuance market is highly asymmetric. Issuers have information advantages over investors and underwriters. Under asymmetric information, in the U.S., insiders from issuing companies and the ...

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