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    • Time-varying efficiency of internal capital markets 

      Wang, Yolanda Yulong (2019)
      This thesis examines the time-varying efficiency of diversified firms. The first essay documents flipped Q-sensitivity of investment of conglomerates over the business cycle. I find that the internal capital markets affect ...
    • Corporate bond market clientele 

      Manolache, Robert (2018)
      This thesis consists of two essays that explore research questions related to corporate bond market clientele. In the first essay, I examine the investment behaviour of corporate bond mutual funds, the fastest-growing ...
    • Essays on naive diversification 

      Li, Bowei (2018)
      The mean-variance model pioneered by Nobel laureate Harry Markowitz is the foundation of modern portfolio theory, and is widely applied in asset allocation and active portfolio management. However, the naive 1/N diversification ...