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    • Challenges in early adulthood and the timing of nest-leaving 

      Wong, Clement (2018)
      Recent young adult cohorts have delayed moving out from the parental home, reflecting social trends and macroeconomic conditions that undermine the affordability of independent living. This dissertation focuses on the ...
    • Achievement gains from attendance at selective high schools 

      Houng, Brendan (2018)
      Academically selective high schools are a polarizing topic in education policy, despite only having a small presence in some Australian states. They appear successful. The schools regularly top annual school rankings of ...
    • Supply capacity and waiting times in primary care 

      Swami, Megha (2018)
      Achieving timely access to primary care has become a central challenge for health systems around the world. However, there is very limited understanding of how supply capacity of primary health care providers and supply-side ...