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  • Empirical studies on firm-level productivity and innovation 

    Lim, William (2019)
    In Chapter 1, I define a novel concept of low productivity spells. Instead of treating productivity as a continuous variable, I define a low-productivity state as poor productivity growth over 2 years consecutively. This ...
  • Essays in macroeconomics 

    Mousavi, Seyedomid (2019)
    This thesis studies three essays in macroeconomics. The first study evaluates the welfare effects of trade in a setting with risk averse workers and uncertainty in labour market outcomes. We provide conditions under which ...
  • Measuring the macroeconomic impact of uncertainty 

    Tran, Trung Duc (2019)
    This dissertation provides three chapters that study uncertainty and its macroeconomics effects by using large data sets and combining both empirical and theoretical evidence. In the first chapter, we develop uncertainty ...

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