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  • The Boundary of the Market for Biosecurity Risk 

    Stoneham, G; Hester, S; Li, J; Zhou, R; Chaudhry, A (Wiley, 2020)
    Imported goods create value in destination countries but also create biosecurity risk. Although widely used in other domains of the economy, risk markets have not been created to manage losses that occur when exotic pests ...
  • Seasonal Home Advantage in English Professional Football; 1974–2018 

    Peeters, T; van Ours, JC (SpringerLink, 2020-01-01)
    We study seasonal home advantage in English professional football over the period 1974 to 2018. We distinguish between absolute home advantage, enjoyed equally by all teams in a division, and relative home advantage, which ...
  • The joy of lottery play: evidence from a field experiment 

    Burger, MJ; Hendriks, M; Pleeging, E; van Ours, JC (Springer (part of Springer Nature), 2020-02-27)
    Buying lottery tickets is not a rational investment from a financial point of view. Yet, the majority of people participate at least once a year in a lottery. We conducted a field experiment to increase understanding of ...

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