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  • Decision-making under pressure: a study of tennis professionals 

    Press, Simeon (2018)
    This thesis examines the effect of pressure on a sample of highly-trained individuals in a simple strategic setting. By modelling the strategic interaction between servers and receivers in professional tennis matches, ...
  • Beliefs and learning in the laboratory: essays in experimental economics 

    Burfurd, Ingrid Ellen (2018)
    This thesis uses economic experiments to contribute to the literature on belief elicitation and learning. Belief elicitation helps researchers disentangle the ways that preferences and beliefs jointly govern the decision-making ...
  • Sports behaving badly: an economic study of momentum 

    Blanco, Aaron James (2018)
    This thesis studies momentum and the behavioral implications of leading and lagging in multi-stage tournaments. More specifically, it tests the predicted outcomes of best-of-k tournaments using two contrasting theories of ...

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