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  • Exploring the use of diamond in medical implants 

    Sikder, Md Kabir Uddin (2018)
    Over recent decades, there is increasing interest in implantable devices that interact with neural tissue in the human body. Applications are broad, ranging from cardiac pacemakers to cochlear implants and beyond. The ...
  • Rate modulation and speech perception with cochlear implants 

    Brochier, Tim (2018)
    While cochlear implants (CI) have been successful in restoring a sense of hearing to people with severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss, there is still a wide variance in speech outcomes for CI users. Psychophysical ...
  • Language processing in cochlear implant users using fNIRS 

    Zhou, Xin (2018)
    Cochlear implant (CI) users differ in their auditory speech understanding ability. This variability is partly due to variability in deafness history and pathology, and partly due to functional brain changes that are likely ...

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