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  • Reptiles on the brink: identifying the Australian terrestrial snake and lizard species most at risk of extinction 

    Geyle, HM; Tingley, R; Amey, AP; Cogger, H; Couper, PJ; Cowan, M; Craig, MD; Doughty, P; Driscoll, DA; Ellis, RJ; ... (CSIRO PUBLISHING, 2020-09-03)
    <jats:p> Australia hosts approximately 10% of the world’s reptile species, the largest number of any country. Despite this and evidence of widespread decline, the first comprehensive assessment of the conservation status ...
  • Platypus and echidna genomes reveal mammalian biology and evolution 

    Zhou, Y; Shearwin-Whyatt, L; Li, J; Song, Z; Hayakawa, T; Stevens, D; Fenelon, JC; Peel, E; Cheng, Y; Pajpach, F; ... (NATURE RESEARCH, 2021-01-06)
    Egg-laying mammals (monotremes) are the only extant mammalian outgroup to therians (marsupial and eutherian animals) and provide key insights into mammalian evolution1,2. Here we generate and analyse reference genomes of ...
  • Open Science principles for accelerating trait-based science across the Tree of Life 

    Gallagher, RV; Falster, DS; Maitner, BS; Salguero-Gomez, R; Vandvik, V; Pearse, WD; Schneider, FD; Kattge, J; Poelen, JH; Madin, JS; ... (NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP, 2020-02-17)
    Synthesizing trait observations and knowledge across the Tree of Life remains a grand challenge for biodiversity science. Species traits are widely used in ecological and evolutionary science, and new data and methods have ...

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