Recent Submissions

  • Heterozostera resilience 

    Sullivan, Brooke Kimberly (2019)
    Seagrass perform critical provisioning, regulating, cultural and supporting ecological functions and services humans rely on worldwide. Unfortunately, many seagrass ecosystems are vulnerable to disturbance and are being ...
  • Opportunities and limitations of the use of functional traits to understand plant invasions 

    Palma Novales, Estibaliz (2019)
    Biological invasions comprise the human-mediated introduction, establishment and dispersal of species beyond their natural geographic range. Species movement around the globe can be seen as a large scale community assembly ...
  • Plant traits and carbon storage in freshwater wetlands 

    Windecker, Saras Mei (2019)
    Freshwater wetlands are an important part of the global carbon cycle due to their role in sequestering carbon in the soil. Despite covering less than 8% of global land area, freshwater wetlands are significant reservoirs ...

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