Recent Submissions

  • Exploring the role of early life respiratory infection in asthma 

    FitzPatrick, Meaghan (2017)
    The underlying cause of asthma is yet to be determined. Asthma is presently the most common chronic disease affecting children, and it is becoming clear that disease originates in early life and as a result of complex ...
  • ECAP measures predict cochlear implant behavioural thresholds 

    SMALE, NICHOLAS (2015)
    Aim: To estimate high rate stimulus behavioural threshold current levels of cochlear implant (CI) users by comparing peak amplitudes and associated latencies of electrically evoked compound action potentials (ECAPs) evoked ...
  • Dietary fatty acids and the heart 

    Ip, Wendy K. T. (2016)
    This Thesis is presented in the form of a compilation comprising 3 peer-reviewed research papers. Each paper is abstracted as below. PUBLICATION #1 Ip WTK, Huggins CE, Pepe S, Delbridge LMD. Evaluating RNA preparation ...

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